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North Long Beach

Football and Cheer

North Long Beach Football and Cheer

Our Staff

2020 Board Members 

President: Larry Vanis [email protected]

Vice President: Eugene Beaver [email protected]

Aux. Vice President: Tammy Beaver [email protected]

Secretary: Ruth Harris [email protected]

Equipment Manager:                                                               

Athletic Director: Estevan Avalos [email protected]

Cheer Coordinator: Keisha Watts [email protected]

Little Scholars Coordinator: Karen Tovar [email protected]

Public Relations: Cherie Sterling [email protected]

Web Master: Danon McKinney [email protected]

Snack Bar Coordinator: Chryl Vanis

For General Info: [email protected]

Meet Our Coaches!

We are here to provide you and your family with the best experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of great coaches.

Tiny Mite Head Coach 

Jr Mighty Mite Head Coach 

Mighty Mite Head Coach

Eugene Beaver

Jr Pee Wee Head Coach 

[email protected]